Controlled Capture for Android

Welcome to the World of Slow-mo, Time-lapse, Video, and Image Capture

"The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village." Marshall McLuhan

Controlled Capture is an easy to use image, time-lapse, slow motion, and video capture application for Android™. With Controlled Capture, you can study the details of fast events, like a tennis serve, or slow events like a flower opening to full its glory.

The Ins and Outs of Controlled Capture Pro and Lite

Controlled Capture Main Screen
Controlled Capture Main Screen
Controlled Capture Video Capture Screen
Video Capture Screen
Controlled Capture Video Player Screen
Video Player Screen
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Introducing “Controlled Capture Pro and Lite”, a slow-motion video and time-lapse image capture application for Android. The Lite version is free and advertising based, and the Pro version is ad-free with full functionality. With Controlled Capture, you can capture and slow down nature provided things like a hummingbird flying or capture sports oriented movements like a golf or tennis swing. You can also capture long term events like an evening sunset or the beauty of a flower opening.

Controlled Capture is very useful for golf swing, batting, or tennis serve capture. For example, to capture your golf swing: mount your device to a tripod or golf bag mounted camera holder, situate your mounted camera behind or beside you, start the Controlled Capture application in video capture mode, point or move the camera so that it captures all of you during your swing, set yourself up for the shot

After your swing video is recorded, you can go back to your device to by clicking the Media Player icon in the viewer for review of the video. In the Player, you Delete and Share this newest video. You can also record your swing with Controlled Capture's Slo-Mo movie recorder. Here instead of pressing the Shutter button, press the Snail button instead to record your swing. Controlled Capture will record your swing and then convert the new video into slow motion, allowing you to see details of your swing not seen at regular video speeds.

The Ins and Outs of Controlled Capture Image Capture

Controlled Capture Image Capture Screen
Controlled Capture Image Capture Screen
Controlled Capture Image File Player Screen
Image File Player Screen
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With Controlled Capture, you can easily capture still images or time-lapse movies. The automatic timer function allows you to concentrate on your stop motion animation work for the time duration that you set, then step back to have Controlled Capture take the next frame.

In Image capture mode, you can aim your camera at a slow events that you want to record in Time-lapse. Controlled Capture will ask you for how long between images, you answer in how many seconds between images, and then the time-lapse recording can begin. Very useful for long events such as technical demonstrations or progress recordings for a project.

To review your stop motion or time-lapse images, Controlled Capture has a built-in File Player that will playback each image in your Project folder. In the player, you can review each frame individually, delete frames, or convert the whole Project folder into a high-resolution video movie, which you can share with the world.

The Ins and Outs of Controlled Capture Galleries

Controlled Capture Image Gallery
Controlled Capture Image Gallery
Controlled Capture Video Gallery
Controlled Capture Video Gallery
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Controlled Capture has two distinct Galleries, one for all of your videos in your Project, and another for all the time-lapse images in your project. This allows you to quickly review your project to figure out what your next adventure in slow-motion or time-lapse will be.

Both Galleries allow you to playback videos or image files with Controlled Capture's built-in media or image file players. You can also delete, share movies or images with family and friends, or move selected images or videos into another project folder.

Controlled Capture provides help by long pressing on its various control buttons to see what the button does. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the various buttons, for the best slo-mo and time-lapse capturing experience.

We also offer a voice controlled version of this application, called Controlled Capture VC. It has all the features of Controlled Capture Pro, but camera commands are all controlled by your voice for image, video, time-lapse, and slow motion modes. Read more information about Controlled Capture VC.

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Controlled Capture: Time-lapse and Slow Motion Capture Simplified.