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We believe there is a better way to do everything; to challenge the tried and true; to simplify the complex.

These beliefs allow us to provide to you cost effective and complete solutions to bring your product dreams into reality. We provide project specific solutions in a complete and confidential manner. Since its inception, Controlled Capture Systems has helped many businesses in the production of presentation ready prototypes to full production products for manufacture. 

Here's what's new at Controlled Capture Systems...

Introducing “Passive Scan”: A Firearm and Contraband Detection System

The Passive Scan™ is a next generation walk-through weapons and contraband detection system. This patented and trademarked product is a technologically advanced passive scanning system for detecting and identifying concealed threats and contraband. Passive Scan consists of eight highly developed sensors that read the constantly changing variations in the earth’s magnetic field. These same sensors have applications in places such as along the San Andreas Fault, where they measure changes in the earth’s magnetic field to anticipate earthquake activity. The sensors inside the frame are connected to a microcontroller controlled circuit board that effectively creates a “curtain” in the doorway. Because the earth’s magnetic field is never static, the system regularly self calibrates. When a subject passes through the “curtain” with something of a metallic nature, an invisible wave of variation is generated where the signal has the greatest strength. The Passive Scan program provides a visual indication of where the item is located on the subject as well as an approximation of the size of the item.

Passive Scan Concealed Weapons DetectorWin10 PassiveScan Output


A new paradigm in data acquisition for Android, JAVA, Python, and LabVIEW:  

  • Imagine not having to think about interrupts when programming for your next project.
  • Imagine processing in a parallel, not linear.
  • Imagine not being limited by counter/timer availability. 

Introducing AndroiDAQ: a eight-core parallel processing wired and wireless data acquisition system with 16-channels timer/counter and digital I/O and 8-channels of analog to digital conversion. Compatible with Android, LabVIEW, Java and more, to help make your product part of the Internet of Things.

AndroiDAQ image2 AndroiDAQ Logo
Photocell2 AndroiDAQ ADCSample
AndroiDAQ O-Scope for Android AndroiDAQ ADC Sample for Android
AndroiDAQ oScope for LabVIEW
AndroiDAQ oScope for LabVIEW


Learn more about the AndroiDAQ  Module





We invite you to contact Controlled Capture Systems to discuss your project requirements and specifications. Together we will bring success and simplicity to your product dream.


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